Our scientific results, the lab and SensDog have received quite a bit of coverage in classic and new media but this project is unknown without the help and support of the media.

You can find informations and pictures which you can use as you like, but if you have any question just contact us. We are eager to answer to any media inquiry as soon as possible. You could find contacts in the “About SensDog” document, or just send it to:


#1 About SensDog

#2 SensDog logo

#3 SensDog Introduction Video

#4 SensDog with Vizsla and iPhone HD image

#5 SensDog Device on Vizsla HD image

#6 SensDog with Labrador and iPhone HD image

#7 SensDog Device on Labrador HD image

#8 SensDog Device on a Bench product shot

#9 SensDog with iPhone product shot

#10 How SensDog works infographics image

#11 SensDog short video

#12 SensDog desktop wallpaper HD image